PreK – K: Birthday

This past week was my daughter’s birthday. So, this theme includes a few books we found at our library that revolve around birthday celebrations.

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  • If A T. Rex Crashes Your Birthday Party by Jill Esbaum
    This book explains all the ways that a misbehaving T. Rex could ruin your celebration.
    SOCIAL STUDIES: Birthday traditions
  • Happy Birthday, Jamela! by Niki Daly
    This story tells about a South African girl who is shopping for clothes for her 7th birthday. She wants “Princess Shoes”, but her mother buys her sensible school shoes instead. So, the girl bedazzles the shoes, which makes her mother mad. However, a local artist likes the shoes and invites the girl to make more with her and sell them. So, the girl earns enough money for her mother to buy her new school shoes and the “Princess Shoes”.
    SOCIAL STUDIES: South Africa, Xhosa language, entrepreneurship

    ART: Creativity, craft markets
    MATH: Prices, budget choices
  • The Birthday Queen by Audrey and Don Wood
    This book uses very colorful illustrations to tell about a fairy-godmother-like woman who makes sure that everything is perfect for your birthday party.
    SOCIAL STUDIES: Birthday traditions
  • Happy Birthday, Cupcake! by Terry Border
    This story follows a cupcake and a muffin as they try to come up with ideas for Cupcake’s birthday party. The book uses real photographs of foods made into figures and set in real scenery.
    SOCIAL STUDIES: Considering the needs of individuals in a group
  • Happy Birthday, Big Bad Wolf by Frank Asch
    In this spin-off from the Three Little Pigs, a young pig mistakenly thinks that his family is throwing a surprise party for the wolf. His parents have to play along to avoid being eaten.

    LITERACY: Retelling a fairy tale
    SOCIAL STUDIES: Birthday traditions
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PreK – K: Physical Characteristics and Growth

The books in this theme deal with some aspect of the physical body. Some books are about physical characteristics, others focus on what a body can do.

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My daughter wanted to read this book over and over! It uses short phrases and lively pictures of kids and families to talk about different characteristics of skin. It covers different shades of skin, that skin grows and heals, sensations, and uniqueness.


SOCIAL STUDIES: Multi-culturalism, family life, community


This story starts out with a little penguin wanting a certain bedtime story. It turns out that it is the story of his mom’s upbringing by a dragon mother within a dragon community that is not very accepting of a penguin. However, the penguin saves the young dragons’ lives because she is different from them.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Adoption, appreciating differences within a community

SCIENCE: Antarctic environment, volcanoes, animal adaptations


This book tells all the things a little boy can almost do because he is nearly grown up.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Sibling relationships



This book has short phrases about different things “some kids” like to do. It has really cute pictures of cartoony animal kids on photographs of real-life backgrounds.

HEALTH: Includes children with disabilities (wheelchair, Braille reading)


This story follows a boy, his dog, and some chickens over the course of a year of life on a farm. It talks about the changes happening in nature and how the animals and the boy grow.

SCIENCE: Seasonal changes, animal growth



This board book has adorable pictures of a little boy and his teddy bear. It talks about loving all aspects, good and bad, of a child.

HEALTH: Emotions


In this book, a very self-confident pig girl tells about all of the things she likes about herself and can do for herself.

HEALTH: Self-confidence, hygiene, nutrition


In this book, a little girl compares how she looks and what she likes to the looks and likes of her parents.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Multi-cultural families, museums


This book follows a little boy throughout a whole day and tells all of the things he can do himself.

HEALTH: Getting dressed, hygiene


In this book, a 4-year-old tells about how life was when she was younger and how it is now.


PreK – K: Snakes

This theme is all about snakes. The list contains both fiction and non-fiction books. We read these books before attending a presentation on snakes from our local nature center.
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  • Snakes: Slither and Hiss by Fiona Lock
    This is a DK Readers Pre-Level 1 book with photographs of real snakes in various environments. Each page has a fact of about a different kind of snake.
    SCIENCE: Facts about snakes with real photos
  • My Snake Blake by Randy Siegel
    This book is about a boy and his snake. The snake can twist his body into cursive words. The snake helps the boy with some things and the boy helps the snake sometimes.
    SOCIAL STUDIES: Family and community life
    LANGUAGE ARTS: Cursive
  • Sylvie & True by David McPhail
    This book has four short chapters about a bunny, Sylvie, and a snake, True, who are roommates. Each chapter is a no more than 10 pages long with 1-5 sentences per page.
    HEALTH: Kitchen safety
  • Ben & Becky Get a Pet by Sindy McKay
    This book tells about a brother and sister who want to get a pet and the mayhem they cause in the mall when the pet store snake gets loose. The book is a “We Both Read” book where the left pages are supposed to be read by an older reader and the right pages by a beginning reader, yet, the story flows easily across both types of pages.
    SOCIAL STUDIES: Making decisions together, owning a pet
    LANGUAGE ARTS: Contains some advanced vocabulary
  • It’s a Good Thing There Are Snakes by Lisa M. Herrington
    This book has pictures of real snakes accompanied by a few sentences of facts about snakes. It covers characteristics of snakes, how they eat and grow, and how they are useful to humans.
    SCIENCE: Facts about snakes with real photos
    LANGUAGE ARTS: Snake-related vocabulary
  • A Pet Named Sneaker by Joan Heilbroner
    This book tells about a lonely snake in a pet store and the boy who buys him. The snake goes to school and to the pool with the boy.
    HEALTH: Water safety
    LANGUAGE ARTS: Learning to spell
  • Elmer and Snake by David McKee
    This colorful book tells about a plaid elephant, Elmer, and a snake. The other elephants are trying to trick Elmer, but the snake helps Elmer trick the others.
    SCIENCE: Jungle animals

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